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Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

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Cod Potato Chorizo Soup

Cod Potato Chorizo Soup

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What We're Eating This Month

Every month I add one small change to my life and keep it going. You Next Year is about being where we want to be this time next year, getting there without struggle – and staying there naturally.

This month we’re ready to commit to changing up the way we eat. Just a little! We’ll ensure our meals are comfort foods but we’ll consciously lean them up. That simply means choosing satisfying recipes with fewer fats and starchy carbs, and more veggies. We’ll make sure to keep smart snacks on hand because personally, when I get a hunger hit I go straight for the junk. My husband is on board and this is huge. He does a lot of our cooking, and he also brings foods into our home. Whatever shows up in the cupboard I eat, sooner or later.

For the next four weeks, every recipe we make at home will be purposefully lean, and veggie rich.

The plan this month

How I’m losing my covid weight and getting fit again

Getting back in shape

I don’t know how I did it. Five pounds gained, then whoop it was 6, then 8. You get the picture.

Well of course I know how I did it. During the second leg of the pandemic I ate more food and more crap, drank more, moved less, socialized less, consumed more media, and spent a whole lot of time indoors. I spent the first four months of the pandemic getting very fit and the second four months building a solid fat-gaining base.

Eight months in I started “watching” my habits, and in January 2021 I began doing something about my health. Wow has it been a year already? In my past the weight and waist would have morphed back. Not this time! I am now solidly heavier with a 3-inch bigger waist – and let me tell you my body is perfectly happy to stay here. My new pounds are extremely sticky.

I’m am resetting my body without deprivation. Four weeks at a time. Starting with fitness.