Healthy Hacks & Sneaky Traps

Mountains, sky and snow at the top of Whistler

The snow on Whistler was crusty that day. I felt like I was skittering over the bumpy surface. While I was girding myself to tackle the steep road down, this skier methodically and oh so smoothly turned and glided down the mountain. Okay I thought, time to go. –Man I love the big sky at the top of the mountain.

Vegan or paleo, professional athlete or office worker – no matter who you are, you gotta have three pillars in your life to keep your health:

  1. Make (most of) your own food.
  2. Move your body every day. (Doing just 30 minutes of moderate exercise gives you great health odds.)
  3. Keep good people in your life. They matter so much.

Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, or stay right where you are, you’ve got to have those three pillars. Who says health has to be so hard? Like who is the genius who decided that only experts know what’s best for us? Our ancestors got us this far through incredibly harsh times by making their own food, staying fit, and relying on family, friends and community. We can honour all they did to survive and make our lives possible, by following the path they forged.

Healthy Hacks

From time to time I’ll post health news here. 

For now I seem to have focused on sneaky traps. So here you go. For now.

Sneaky Traps

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