Eat food that makes you happy and you’re on the right track!


Food is love.





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Food Pictures and Our Favourite Restaurant


Aileen is an outstanding cook. She disappears into the kitchen and voila! She magically reappears with something you've always wanted to try but were never going to get around to making your (oops) my self. Fruit tart with fresh British Columbian peaches, strawberries, kiwi and blueberries. You Next Year Our favourite restaurant, Sala Thai in downtown Vancouver! Fresh Thai food from scratch in Thai carved wood decor. Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, appie plate in Thai porcelain with tangy honey dip, and green papaya salad. You Next Year


Coming Next … Seasonal Gifts and Food is Love


We live in beautiful, fertile British Columbia - and I don't take it for granted for an instant. I love seasonal fruits and veggies - inexpensive, sweet and juicy. Plump red tomatoes, sprinkled with water droplets and kissed with the sun. You Next Year Food is love! Family dinners are so much fun - big energetic, noisy affairs. Everyone brings a special dish or two or three. Such a blessing. Not sure what our daughters are doing here but I love the way they interact. A couple of the guys in the background are catching the dying minutes of an NHL championship game. You Next Year