Sunlight streams through the tall firs. The lush ground is covered ferns and moss.

Light hike in British Columbia near Whistler. Can you see my friend Mahin dressed in green? She looks like a wood nymph.

Being fit, what does it mean?

Yup we can work out hours a day, get a 6-pack, and for sure we’ll look great in a bathing suit. We can do Cross Fit, Tough Mudder, PX 90, Pilates, Hot Yoga etc. and be fit as hell. We can run faster, jump higher and constantly strive for our personal “best”. If this describes you, then good on you! Great job. Keep it up!

On the other end of the fitness spectrum are eighty-one million (27.5%) Americans who did zero activity last year. They didn’t even go for a walk per the Physical Activity Council

In between working out so hard you can shred cheese on your abs versus depriving your body of any fitness, there’s a great big healthy middle ground that’s accessible to every one of us. That’s where I’m situating my blog – in the “fit enough to be healthy” zone. So what does it take to own a great big fighting chance at keeping your health? Just 30 minutes of moderate activity every day. Doc Mike Evans says it so well in his engaging video 23 1/2 Hours

Our bodies need to move at least 30 minutes per day. There is no way of getting out of this one. Nobody can exercise for us. Human beings evolved to move. We need exercise to protect us against Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and just about everything that reduces quality of life. Those 30 minutes of moderate exercise reduce diabetes risk by 48% and Alzheimer’s risk by 25%.

There is no one best exercise. Pretty well any physical activity will make you healthier.  The best exercise is the one that keeps you showing up – something that make you happy. At You Next Year, I want to present fitness pastimes other folks enjoy. I hope you will like some of them too. Regular fitness seems impossible until we do it, and we feel sooo good once we’re in the groove.

There is a way you can slip those life-saving 30 minutes into your busy, busy life. Your good health means the world to those who love you. I guarantee there is something that is right for your schedule, and your needs.

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