A little bit sweet and a little bitter – Cabbage and apples with citrus are delicious, low cost and healthy! 

Shaved apples and finely grated purple cabbage with Sesame Orange Dressing in ceramic bowl.

Sweet shaved apples pairs well with the mild bitterness of purple cabbage. Sesame orange dressing is the perfect complement.

I like this dish because it’s versatile and it keeps well. Eat Cabbage Apple Coleslaw as a side or turn it into a meal by adding grilled chicken slices. Once when I prepared this light coleslaw, our family got three different meals. First on Sunday, it was a side salad that we shared with our favourite neighbour, Margaret. On Tuesday it became a healthy roti pizza, and on Thursday, healthy enchiladas.  There isn’t anyone I know who has too much time on their hands, and I try to get the most value from the time I spend cooking.

Cabbage is full of vitamins and minerals, and it imparts health benefits like lowered cholesterol. We’re supposed to eat a rainbow of veggie colours to get all of the nutrients our bodies need, but it’s hard to find purple produce in the winter at a reasonable price. Purple cabbage to the rescue!

Go for it, get healthy, eat delicious, save money – choose cabbage!


The Recipe

Adapted from Coconut & Berries

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YOU next year Principle

Slip fruits and veggies into your life and stay healthy.



I like to get where the cabbage is cooking and catch the scents.

Red Smith

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