Skydivers. 4 women holding hands and smilingHealth to me means ability to participate and to be able to say, “Yup, I’m up for this. I’ll be there.”

My blog, You Next Year, is about you and me – healthy this time next year. It’s about health through eating food that gives us joy, moving our bodies and loving it, and taking pleasure in the little things that make us happy. You Next Year is about food, fitness and fun.

I’m a mom and worker. Like you, sometimes my life gets hectic and it’s tough to look after health basics like wholesome food and regular activity. Health isn’t always easy and sometimes we can’t do it all, but we can always do something. Good leads to more good and every little thing we do makes us stronger.

You may be wondering what the skydiving photo has to do with health. It was back when I was immortal and I love it. Life is full of a million happy moments that are over in a heartbeat. Go for it!

You and me. We’ve got this.

Dorothy at You Next Year - Health Is Fun

Dorothy at You Next Year

health through food, fitness and fun